I photographed an old friend the other day. Her son Brayden was so adorable! And was perfect the entire shoot! It was great seeing Lauren after about ten years! Advertisements

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Army Kids

To Fight: “to contend in any manner; strive vigorously for or against something”

I have such respect for the families that have someone that will go to war for our country, for us. I had the privilege to photograph these children the other day, they were so much fun to photograph, full of energy and life! I love my job, I could never image my job being across the country, living day to day with gunfire and bombs. The biggest thing that I have to worry about is wiping boogers and wondering is its going to be nice enough to go outside and play. So thanks to everyone who has and will fight a battle for us.

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Life as a 2 year old

So in the past two weeks I have managed to book three sessions with two year olds. And let me say, you cannot get them to sit still!! Which isn’t really such a bad thing when you want to catch some great “in the moment” shots of the kids running around. Thank God I don’t have one yet! I would be wiped out by the end of the day! Keep up the good work moms!

Baby Justin

So my nephew Justin was brought into the world just a few weeks ago! I took his photos when he was 11 days. When I asked Jesse (his brother) what his parents decided to name him, his response to me was….”Justin, and I love him..

Baby Jack

I did Cristina’s Maternity photos as well, and this is such a great family to work with! This was my first time meeting Jack! Months prior, every time I would see Cristina I would go right up to her belly and talk to Jack. So when I saw him, I went right up to him and talked to him the way I talked to him in the belly, and he gave me such a big smile! I think he remembered me!